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Pissed Off Waitress

You've stopped the Twin Pines Diner on your way through town to have a bite to eat. The cute waitress comes over, hands full of dirty dishes and a hot pot of coffee, and asks if you're ready to order. You've been gazing at the menu and had a few questions. She kindly answers the first few but starts to get short with you. She fidgets as if she is uncomfortable and motions at her other tables that she will be with them in a minute, annoyed that you're taking up her time. She keeps crossing and uncrossing her legs as if she has to use the bathroom. Finally, you decide that you'll just have a bowl of soup. The waitress hastily walks away to drop her dirty dishes and fill your soup order. She comes back and drops off your soup. You have a bite and it is the worst soup you've ever tasted. You get the waitress's attention on her pass by and complain about the soup. She's had it with you and your indecisive wishy washy attitude. She pulls up her dress, grabs your bowl of soup and pees in it right there in front of the whole diner! She throws it back on the table and storms off leaving you with no choice but to go elsewhere for lunch.
Pissed Off Waitress

Sunday June 2
Monday June 3
Arielle Toys With Her Mesmerized Friend

Arielle has mesmerized her skeptical friend Tina to help her quit smoking but can't help but have a little fun with her while she's at it.
Arielle Toys With Her Mesmerized Friend

Tuesday June 4
Bratty StepDaughter Gets A Taste Of Tinas Wrath

Tina is trying to make nice with her new stepdaughter, Cadence, bringing her some hot chocolate as an ice breaker. Cadence doesn't even look up from her phone when telling her stepmom that she does not want to be her friend and to fuck off. That disrespectful little cunt really pisses Tina off and she's gonna teach the brat a lesson.
Bratty StepDaughter Gets A Taste Of Tinas Wrath

Wednesday June 5
Thursday June 6
Busty Bitch Humiliated At The DMV

Tina's been waiting for hours just to take care of this stupid speeding ticket at the DMV. She was hoping they could just make it go away but, when Jupiter the DMV clerk hears her talking shit on the phone she decided to make things as difficult as possible! After totally humiliating Tina she takes her back to her house for some strap-on training. Maybe next time Tina won't have such a bitchy attitude.
Busty Bitch Humiliated At The DMV

Friday June 7
Ariel's Damsel Fantasy

Ariel's dreamed of being overpowered and left to struggle in bondage at the hands of a sexy captor. She's decided to make it a reality by hiring world renowned Professional Dominatrix Tina Lee Comet.
Ariel's Damsel Fantasy

Saturday June 8
Sunday June 9
Loan Shark Attack

A man brings Tina into a dark room and gets what he owes her...
Loan Shark Attack

Monday June 10
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Thursday June 13
Slut Trained At The Gyno

Coming 06/13/2024

Jasper and her husband are your typical god fearing southern Americans. They just want a simple family life and believe in only having sex for procreation purposes. Jasper has been having trouble conceiving so they decide to see a gynecologist. After her first appointment Jasper finds herself uncontrollably horny! Dry humping her husband and begging to be fucked, he insists she call the doctor back immediately! Doctor Ashlynn makes an emergency house visit and sets a future office appointment for the desperate coupe. Little do they know, their whole lives are about to change.
Slut Trained At The Gyno

Friday June 14
Time To Pay Her Dues

Coming 06/14/2024

Carmen is a well respected business woman and worked hard to climb the corporate ladder. Truthfully though, she wouldn't be half the woman she is today without Tina. Tina has connections and respect that Carmen an only fantasize of and she owes her everything. Every now and then Tina likes to remind her what dues are owed.
Time To Pay Her Dues

Saturday June 15
Little Toilet Bug 4

Coming 06/15/2024

Still living your best little pee ant life swimming in your toilet!
Little Toilet Bug 4

Sunday June 16
Monday June 17
Nerd Steals Her StepSisters Slutiness

Coming 06/17/2024

Carissa's tired of being the ugly boring sibling! Tina goes out all the time leaving her home to do chores while she's busy being a filthy whore. Carissa uses an enchanted lipstick to finally turn the tables and be the sexy one!
Nerd Steals Her StepSisters Slutiness

Tuesday June 18
Eating Her Prey Chloe Carter

Coming 06/18/2024

Tina has been watching her newest prey, young tattooed Chloe, for a few weeks. The day finally to hide to wait for her prey to fall into her trap.
Eating Her Prey Chloe Carter

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