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Sunday January 1
Hired As Secretaries, Mesmerized Into Sex Slaves

Alison and Tina are interviewing for secretary positions and they both get hired... but not for the position they had in mind.
Hired As Secretaries, Mesmerized Into Sex Slaves

Monday January 2
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Thursday January 5
Diaper Humiliated At The Club

Juliette is trying to flirt at the club when her 'Nanny' Tina shows up to humiliate her by making sure she's wearing her diaper and doesn't have any wetting accidents and spanking her diapered ass in front of everyone. 
Diaper Humiliated At The Club

Friday January 6
Agent In "Training"

Chief Agent Comet has an opportunity to put together an undercover operation to finally figure out who the sex slaver boss is in an investigation she's been working on for years. She decides to recruit Agent-In-Training Colby to go undercover as a slave of Agent Comet's. After some submissive trading, it's time to set the operation in motion. Unfortunately for Agent Colby she finds out her boss's little secret when it's too late.
Agent In "Training"

Saturday January 7
Admit You're A Panty Perv

Tina catches a man peeping up her skirt. After humiliating him, Tina finally gets him to confesses that he's a panty pervert. Tina proceeds to give him a hand job until he cums for her panties, then she wets her panties for good measure.
Admit You're A Panty Perv

Sunday January 8
Soaking Veruca's Soles

"Veruca and I are just hanging out on the couch wearing matching colorful stirrup footed pantyhose. Veruca has such cute feet that I just can't help from putting them in my mouth and tickling them. I lick those soles and suck those toes until they are soaked solid with my spit."
Soaking Veruca's Soles

Monday January 9
Dominating The Boss

Intern Tina finds out that her boss, Fayth, is taking a personal day to see a dominatrix. After Fayth leaves for the afternoon, Tina goes snooping in her office and finds a drawer full of sex toys. Since Fayth is very clearly a submissive, Tina decides to use it to her advantage to secure a job at the company, among some other incentives.
Dominating The Boss

Tuesday January 10
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Saturday January 14
The Inheritance

When Cadence inherits a creepy, old house from a long lost Great-Aunt, her friends come with her to check it out only to find it occupied by a Sex Demon laying in wait for fresh, young bodies to possess.
The Inheritance

Sunday January 15
Monday January 16
Real Estate Agent Taken & Tied

A busty real estate agent has an appointment to show off a townhome for sale but unfortunately for her the buyer is more interested in taking her than the property.
Real Estate Agent Taken & Tied

Tuesday January 17
Wednesday January 18
Thursday January 19
Ramona's Encasement Fantasy

Ramona comes home and starts masturbating while she still has her pantyhose on. Nothing turns her on more than masturbating through her hosiery....except for when there's a mysterious woman, nylon encasement and rope involved.
Ramona's Encasement Fantasy

Friday January 20
Air B-n-Brainwash 4: The Mindlessness Retreat

When Cadence and Bunny visit a relaxation retreat, Cadence gets a lot of weird 'cult' vibes from the host Tina and it turns out she's very right as Tina and her "Master" plot to mesmerize the girls and add them to their little family. 
Air B-n-Brainwash 4: The Mindlessness Retreat

Saturday January 21
Husband Gets Shrunk, Cucked & Peed On

Your wife Tina has had enough of you sexually. She's found a new lover, Syenite, and she's kicking you out of your own bed! They've decided she's gonna shrink you down to the size of a bug so you're out of sight, out of mind since you are the bread winner. Things take a turn for you though when you're busted being a perv while the lesbian loves are fucking. So they decide that you'll live the rest of your days on your own toilet, there for them to pee on whenever they please.
Husband Gets Shrunk, Cucked & Peed On

Sunday January 22
Monday January 23
Funny Love Doll INC 8

Tina's back making more sex dolls with silly faces, this time her, ahem, model is Fayth.
Funny Love Doll INC 8

Tuesday January 24
Wednesday January 25
Thursday January 26
Cum Soaked & Nylon Encased

Nate's intrigued when he catches a glimpse up his co-worker Tina's skirt at the end of the day. Horny for her in pantyhose, he decides that he's going to take her home with him for the weekend for some nylon encasement naughty fun.
Cum Soaked & Nylon Encased

Friday January 27
Domming Her Divorced Friend Into A Bondage Loving Lesbian

Tina's recently divorced friend, Sonia, comes over for some friend time. When Sonia asks Tina how she got over her divorce, Tina drops a bomb that she found kink and is now a dominatrix. Sonia has so many questions so Tina invites her to her lake house for the weekend. Sonia walks in on Tina getting ready for a session and gets turned on. Tina decides to use it to her advantage to have some kinky fun to lift Sonia's spirits.
Domming Her Divorced Friend Into A Bondage Loving Lesbian

Saturday January 28
Sunday January 29
Monday January 30
Taking The Boss For All She's Worth

Coming 01/30/2023

Chi Chi is fed up with Tina's mean behavior in the office about dress code. So when Chi Chi finds out that Tina is a submissive, she uses it to her advantage and turns the tables to financially dominate her boss.
Taking The Boss For All She's Worth

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