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September 2022
Sunday September 28
Monday September 29
Tuesday September 30
Wednesday September 31
Thursday September 1
Tricky Drifter Turns Real Estate Agent Into Mindless Cock Slut

A rude real estate agent gets an attitude adjustment and a mouth full of cum when she misjudges a man at her open house who happens to have some mind control powers.
Tricky Drifter Turns Real Estate Agent Into Mindless Cock Slut

Friday September 2
Horny MILF Fight

Dee & Tina's favorite heartthrob movie star is coming to town to judge a beauty contest at the garden club that they both belong to. They're both extra excited because the winner gets a date with Johnny Bravo! Dee thinks she can wooo him to get a ring on her finger and Tina just wants to fuck him because she hasn't has an orgasm in ages. This competition spawns all all out kinky power struggle between the two besties. But ends up with the ladies getting something even better than a date with their fave movie star.
Horny MILF Fight

Saturday September 3
The Wetting Proposition

Tina is interviewing for a job at a company that she'd really love to work for and is so nervous that she forgets to pee in the lobby restroom before hand. This is especially concerning because of a humiliating incident at her last interview for a different company when she accidentally wet herself. She gets more and more desperate to pee while she waits for the boss but is relieved when he finally appears and offers her the job pretty much right away. However, her relief is short lived when she soon finds that he's heard of her embarrassing wetting incident and the job offer is contingent on her repeating it for him and wetting her pantyhose right in front of him.
The Wetting Proposition

Sunday September 4
Monday September 5
Whats More Fucked Up? Me Tying You Up Or Going Back To Jail?

Tina is tired of her parolee, Freshie, taking advantage of her kindness. So Tina decides that she's going to teach her a very unconventional lesson and there's nothing Freshie can do about it.
Whats More Fucked Up? Me Tying You Up Or Going Back To Jail?

Tuesday September 6
Wonder Bimbo

Wonder Woman is asked to help the police capture a new super villain in town that they're calling "The Jiggler" who is turning all the women in the city into bimbos but the Jiggler catches Wonder Woman off guard and turns her into a Wonder Bimbo who she uses as her own personal ATM machine taking advantage of her super horniness and renting her out by the hour.
Wonder Bimbo

Wednesday September 7
Thursday September 8
Lady Burglar Becomes Tina's New Toy

In the midst of robbing Tina's house, Cadence finds her kinky stash of toys and decides to tie herself up. Except she forgets on key item...the cuff keys. And isn't it just her luck when Tina comes in and finds a very her entirely vulnerable. But it just may be Cadence's lucky day, she might get off easy.
Lady Burglar Becomes Tina's New Toy

Friday September 9
Saturday September 10
Sleazy Lesbian Bondage Producer: Volume 7

Kate wants to get into bondage model so she answers an add on Craigslist and quickly realizes maybe that wasn't the greatest idea ever.
Sleazy Lesbian Bondage Producer: Volume 7

Sunday September 11
StepMom's Futanari Surprise

Tina needs her big-titty stepmom to lend a hand when an ancient demon possesses her and makes her grow a giant cock and won't leave her be until she makes it cum.
StepMom's Futanari Surprise

Monday September 12
Tuesday September 13
Seeking His Revenge

Park Ranger Tina gets an unwelcome visit from a poacher she put in the slammer years ago...and he's about to get some sweet revenge out of her.
Seeking His Revenge

Wednesday September 14
Thursday September 15
Yoga Girls Turned Bondage Objects

Caroline and Tina just want to go to yoga class but an intruder has other plans for the two ladies. He has some outfits and ropes that he wants them to model for him.
Yoga Girls Turned Bondage Objects

Friday September 16
The Pantyhose-Curious Roommate

When Tina's roommate Izzie makes fun of her for wearing pantyhose on a date, Tina explains why Pantyhose make her feel sophisticated and even sexy. Izzie's curiosity is peaked and when Tina goes into work the next day, Izzie sneaks into her bedroom to try on some of her pantyhose. Izzie gets turned on and starts to masturbate, not noticing when Tina comes home early. To Izzie's horror, Tina catches her jerking of in her pantyhose in her bed, but luckily Tina isn't upset, in fact she just wants to get in on the action.
The Pantyhose-Curious Roommate

Saturday September 17
You Want To Be Our Little Pee Slut?

The answer is obviously yes. You know you want to be humiliated and pissed on by two of your favorite pee goddesses.
You Want To Be Our Little Pee Slut?

Sunday September 18
Monday September 19
Schoolgirl Zoe Struggles In Bondage

Zoe comes home from school to find an intruder in her home. So he ties Zoe up while he ransacks the rest of her house.
Schoolgirl Zoe Struggles In Bondage

Tuesday September 20
Wednesday September 21
Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Tina's husband divorces her when he discovers her disturbing fetish that she's secretly used on some of her friends but once the divorce is final he decides that simply leaving her is not enough of a punishment and instead he needs to give her a taste of her own medicine.
Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Thursday September 22
Pants Wetting & Diaper Humiliation Revenge

Star plays a little trick on Tina for always ditching her to hook up with random guys when they go out. She gives her a diuretic that makes her wet herself and then humiliates her by putting her in a diaper before they go to the club.
Pants Wetting & Diaper Humiliation Revenge

Friday September 23
Air B-n-Brainwash

Gabi and Tina get more than they bargained for at their discount vacation rental when a mysterious swirling image makes them mindlessly and insatiably horny for each other.
Air B-n-Brainwash

Saturday September 24
Dominating The Catburglar

Tina is tidying up when she hears someone breaking into her house. Tina overpowers the burglar...low and behold, it's a female! The catburglar then finds herself in the clutches of Tina, her latex gloved hands over her mouth as she's made to orgasm by hitachi. Then Izzie's bound tightly in tape before succumbing to Tina's lesbian desires.
Dominating The Catburglar

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