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September 2023
Sunday September 27
Monday September 28
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Thursday September 31
Friday September 1
Before She Can Testify

Detective Robbins is set to testify in Court against the biggest crime boss in town. Tina, the boss's secretary and secret henchwoman, is sent to make sure Izzie doesn't make it to court. But when the Boss realizes Izzie still has some information they need, Tina uses the opportunity to have some fun with her sexy little red headed captive.
Before She Can Testify

Saturday September 2
Tina & Claire Practice Yoga

Tina and Claire get together to do some yoga exercises. They nonchalantly strip out of their clothes before they begin as they prefer to do yoga in the nude. They are both rather novices at yoga so they struggle through the routines and both eventually pee on the floor mid-pose. They decide maybe yoga isn't for them and head to the bar instead.
Tina & Claire Practice Yoga

Sunday September 3
Monday September 4
A Frozen Threesome

Lauren and Tina find that their vacation rental is owned by a weirdo and as they are getting settled in an awful smelling gas begins to seep into the bedroom freezing them in place like statues for him to use as his own personal sex dolls.
A Frozen Threesome

Tuesday September 5
His Double Damsel Lucky Day

Cupcake and Tina are hanging out in bed scrolling through social media when Tina sees that an escape convict is on the loose in their neighborhood. Someone forgot to lock the door and next thing they know they're bound, gagged and left robbed and struggling.
His Double Damsel Lucky Day

Wednesday September 6
Thursday September 7
Astral Projecting Into A Hot MILF

You pretend you visit your friend to study for mid-terms when you know he's not around so you can try out your new Astral Projection skills you've been practicing to possess his hot MILF and take her sweet body for a spin.
Astral Projecting Into A Hot MILF

Friday September 8
Breaking Bunny In

Bunny owes someone some cash so she starts seducing a rich lesbian, Tina, so she can fuck her brains out then rob her. What Bunny doesn't realize is that Tina has her own little game to play with the sexy, big titty blonde.
Breaking Bunny In

Saturday September 9
Sunday September 10
Monday September 11
Humiliating The Sordid Domme

Amanda thinks Tina has been stealing all her regulars because Tina's been jerking them off. Tina does not deny the allegations but then the argument gets heated and Amanda teaches her a lesson.
Humiliating The Sordid Domme

Tuesday September 12
Wednesday September 13
Thursday September 14
Horny Massage Domination

Ramona sees a sensual masseuse, Tina, to relieve some tension. Ramona gets so lost in pleasure that she cums, when not given permission, and makes a mess on Tina's bed so Tina has to punish her for being disobedient.
Horny Massage Domination

Friday September 15
Making London Her Mindless Sex Toy

Tina's office nemesis London is always mocking her for her poor work performance and when Tina turns things around and her sales skyrocket as well as her looks and self-esteem, London demands to know what her secret is. Tina lets her in on her little helper, some magical supplements, which London immediately steals to regain her competitive advantage. Of course, Tina knows that this is exactly what London will do and uses it as the first step in turning London into something much more beneficial to her.
Making London Her Mindless Sex Toy

Saturday September 16
Cadence Earns The Title Dominatrix

Cadence gets herself so turned on teasing her new submissive boy and showing Tina what an obedient little slave he is.
Cadence Earns The Title Dominatrix

Sunday September 17
Monday September 18
Kinky Lesbian Date Night

It's date night and Tina has a little surprise for her girlfriend Carissa.
Kinky Lesbian Date Night

Tuesday September 19
Magic Nympho Box

Tina is a high level executive who comes home for a three day weekend to find a mysterious package at her door. When she opens it she's blasted with a strange gas cloud that turns her into an insatiably horny bimbo. When her husband arrives home he's shocked to find her in slutty lingerie and begging for his cock... or perhaps he's not surprised at all...
Magic Nympho Box

Wednesday September 20
Thursday September 21
Stepmommy, Will You Marry Me?

Cadence makes an unexpected visit home from college with a surprise for her beloved Step-mommy, Tina. A very, very big surprise.
Stepmommy, Will You Marry Me?

Friday September 22
Now We Both Know Each Other's Secrets

Tina catches her roommate Ophelia jerking off to lesbian bondage porn. At first Ophelia denies it but finally tells Tina about her intruder fantasy she's been having. Little does Ophelia know that Tina is kinky too. So Tina devises a plan so they can both live out Ophelia's fantasy.
Now We Both Know Each Other's Secrets

Saturday September 23
Sunday September 24
Monday September 25
Two Packages, Not One

Tina and her partner have plans for Whitney. But unbeknownst to Tina she quickly becomes part of the plan they had for Whitney.
Two Packages, Not One

Tuesday September 26
Wednesday September 27
Thursday September 28
Turning Her Uptight Roommate Into A Cummed Up Slut

Izzie wants to stay home but, Bunny has other plans! After a mesmerizing glance at Bunny's phone, Izzie has a change of heart. She soon finds herself full of cum like a slutty whore.
Turning Her Uptight Roommate Into A Cummed Up Slut

Friday September 29
Saturday September 30